Our Team

The Adventure Plus management team of highly qualified outdoor education experts all share a keen love of the outdoors and inject enthusiasm and high energy into every Adventure Plus program and activity.

They are supported by a long-standing, loyal team of Adventure Plus staff who are all equally as committed to ensuring ‘Adventurers’ get the most out of every Adventure Plus Adventure experience.



My job: Co-Founder & CEO

Years with Adventure Plus: Since the beginning. Amy and I started Adventure Plus in 2011.

Years in the outdoor education industry: 24 years

The life lesson I like to share: Life will present you with many problems and challenges. It’s how you tackle those problems and challenges, using resilience and self-confidence, that will enable you to confront and conquer anything that life throws in your direction.

Adventure Plus team member Andy Carlile

I’m an expert in: I’m good at designing and managing the overall logistics, organisation and execution of our programs. I like to ensure that I have every ‘i’ dotted and every ‘t’ crossed so that any Adventure Plus program we run is seamless, risk adverse and designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone involved. I’m also very good at understanding the many differing viewpoints that exist within a team of people and then working out the best way to  blend those differing approaches or ideas together so that the team is united and best placed for success. I also think I’m very funny…

My favourite moment with Adventure Plus: It’s now – being able to reflect on where we were at the beginning, to where we are today - and looking at all the incredible adventures we’ve done and the achievements we’ve helped people realise is incredibly rewarding. That scary moment when we first made our dream of running an outdoor adventure business a reality seems so long ago. To be living that dream and helping others achieve theirs is amazing.

What I love most about working in outdoor education: I love being able to design and implement programs that enable us to share incredible experiences with others in the great outdoors. It’s fantastic to see so many of our outdoor adventurers then develop the same passion for the outdoors and unlock an awareness of the environment that surrounds them.

In my spare time, I like to: Spend time with my family, go caravanning, four-wheel driving, fishing, mountain biking, skiing, play with remote control cars and work on cars… and when I’m not doing any of that, I like relaxing.



My job: Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, Catering & Dietary Director

Years with Adventure Plus: 9

Years in the education and health / fitness industry: 15

The life lesson I like to share: Resilience – you have to get up, shake it off and get going again. It’s important to keep trying because that feeling you’ll feel when you reach your goal will be like nothing else imaginable.

I’m an expert in: Business Management, Organisation and Dietary knowledge. I inject passion into everything I do. I am constantly researching and investigating the best nutritional meals we can offer to ensure that the food people eat when they’re on our outdoor adventures is the best, most nutritious and delicious camping food possible.

Adventure Plus team member Amy Carlile

My favourite moment with Adventure Plus: I love receiving phone-calls and emails from parents who want to thank us for having their children participate in one of Adventure Plus camps. To hear that their child had the best camping experience they’ve ever had, or achieved something they didn’t think they could, is incredible.

What I love most about working in outdoor education: I love seeing what Adventure Plus delivers. I love it when people return from being on one of our programs and they all have that ‘buzz’ where they’re re-telling stories about what they did, saw, achieved and experienced on their outdoor adventure. Most of all, I love that we can deliver education in the best possible place… the great outdoors!

In my spare time, I like to: Go running, go to the gym, walk my dog Tank, go to the beach.



My job: Corporate Program Manager

Years with Adventure Plus: 2 Years

Years in the outdoor education industry: 27 Years

The life lesson I like to share: Take the time to reflect on each experience – those that you shared with others and those you had on your own. Find out what can you take forward to make you a better person and think about what you can do to perform better the next time you are challenged.

We all make mistakes – so take the time to reflect and learn so that you get better.

Adventure Plus team member Matt Brooks

I’m an expert in: Having spent time on the battlefield working in the Army Adventurous Training Wing/Army Leadership School, my areas of expertise and the strengths that I bring to the Adventure Plus are in my leadership, facilitation and reflection skills.

My favourite moment with Adventure Plus: My favorite moment is always conducting reflection at the end of a program or the day. I like to ask our adventurers to reflect on their experience, what they have achieved and what they will take forward with them into future experiences.

What I love most about working in outdoor education: It’s the best office in the world. It’s incredibly rewarding seeing others learn and benefit from the experiences they have in the great outdoors.

In my spare time, I like to: Go rock climbing. In my 30 years of rock climbing I’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world, have climbed cliffs that no-one else has climbed before me, have represented my country, seen and experienced amazing cultures, met incredible people and given myself a few big scares. I also love kayaking – spending time in the river environment calms and yet challenges me and has led me to experience incredible places with fantastic people and teams.



My Job: School Program Manager

Years with Adventure Plus: 4 plus

Years in industry: 19, including 15 years of service in Scouting 

The life lesson I like to share: Try all the opportunities that are given to you. We accomplish more working as a team than as individuals.

I’m an expert in: The logistical side of the business, I think this comes from time I spent as a project manager in the building industry. I also have a passion for sustainability and want to make sure we leave our children and grandchildren a better place to live.

Adventure Plus team member Ian Thorne

My favourite moment with Adventure Plus: I’ve had quite a few amazing moments with Adventure Plus, but the one that has really stayed with me is the final day of the first ever program I ran for Adventure Plus. It was a 12-day multi activity journey around the Great South West Track near Portland. It was great to be able to lead the experience – and it was fantastic to have students talking about it for months later.

What I love most about working in outdoor education: Seeing clients accomplish person goals and face personal challenges. I also love being able to work in some of the amazing environments our country has to offer.

In my spare time, I like to: Spend time with family. Sit under a star filled sky. Go Geocaching with my wife, where we chase objects that are hidden by others with GPS. I also spend a bit of time with the scouts, helping to train section leaders, as well as delivering training in bushwalking skills.

Adventure Plus Outdoor Education has strict policies in place to adhere to government guidelines and help stop the spread of COVID-19.