Adventure Plus seaside cliffs


All Adventure Plus programs and activities have a sustainability foundation, ensuring that student adventurers gain an appreciation for the environment, but also forge an understanding of the ways in which we can experience the great outdoors in safe, sustainable ways.

Students will be encouraged to look at environmental action and discuss the ways in which environmental damage can be reduced. By exploring different strategies to reduce the impact of human activity on the local and global environment, students can look at the ways in which they can engage with the environment that will positively contribute to conservation and sustainable living outcomes. They will also be encouraged to look at the ways in which Western, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures all interact with and impact the environment.

The positive interactions with the environment that Adventure Plus programs encourage will help students to develop a positive, meaningful relationship with nature. Their outdoor experiences will also help strengthen their personal growth and development.

The numerous learning activities built into Adventure Plus activities and programs will provide students with the opportunity to understand the benefits that ‘being in nature’ can have in supporting their social, emotional, mental and spiritual sense of wellbeing.