Adventure Plus group reach the top of steep bush trail

Student Journey Programs

Adventure Plus can create customised adventure activities to suit all ages and school levels. Adventures can be half or full day activity-based adventures or action-packed journey programs of up to 12 days in length. We can also design and build year level sequenced programs exclusively aligned to your school's ethos.

Year Level Sequence Programs

All Adventure Plus school journey-based programs focus on and build skills such as community living and support, self-awareness, self-growth, self-confidence, resilience, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork, co-operation, tolerance, determination, environmental understanding and awareness and respect.

Adventure Plus school walk up bush trail

Year 7

Camp out in a hard-top venue. Learn about new outdoor activities and skill, explore the environment, celebrate your achievements – it’s time to have a go at everything!

Adventure Plus camp walking over board walk

Year 8

Camp out in a hard-top or base camp setting. Adventurers will be introduced to new camping skills, sleeping in tents, camp-style cooking and will work as small teams to build skills and mutual respect. Skills learnt in Year 7 will be expanded, with a focus on environmental awareness and sustainability also incorporated into activities.

Adventure Plus camp raft building

Year 9

More experienced adventurers, Year 9 students can put their camping and hiking skills into practice as we move into a journey-based program. Challenges will ensure that students expand their skills, working self-sufficiently (with supervision, guidance and support) to achieve goals, while at the same time expanding their environmental awareness.

Adventure Plus camp setup by the beach

Year 10

The focus at this level is on putting all previously acquired skills into practice in a journey-based program set in an iconic Australian outdoors location. Students are encouraged to ‘step up’ and take leadership roles, operate self-sufficiently and work as a team to achieve goals. A huge sense of achievement is guaranteed for all adventurers.

Adventure Plus team rock climbing up steep rocks


The focus at this high level is on expanding student adventurer’s overall skill sets, with many taking on the incredible, yet exhilarating challenge of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Outdoor Education.

Adventure Plus team white water raft down stream