Adventure Plus school group prepare for white water rafting

Curriculum Alignment

At Adventure Plus, we understand the importance of aligning our outdoor activities and programs with the appropriate curriculum progression points. We can also ensure that we incorporate your school’s unique ethos and any sustainability goals into the programs we design for your students.

Health & Physical Education

All student adventurers are briefed on safety and the effective, appropriate use of equipment before they commence any activity. This ensures that students are always operating in a safe manner and are able to achieve their maximum physical potential.

Our professional, qualified instructors demonstrate basic skill sets and work with students to refine their skills. We encourage our students to explore a range of challenges, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone in a safe and monitored, yet inspiring environment. We also encourage students to analyse the impact of effort, space, time, objects and people when performing tasks.

Critical & Creative Thinking

Our creative and constructive activities help to develop higher order processes through creative thinking and lateral problem solving. Our journey-based camps help to develop decision making skills. Our wide range of outdoor experiences and activities help to develop conceptualisation skills. Every single Adventure Plus activity and program is centred around a ‘challenge’, which stimulates the minds of our student adventurers and encourages the use of creative thinking, lateral problem solving, decision making and teamwork.

Personal & Social Development

All Adventure Plus activities and camps provide student adventurers with learning opportunities and experiences that support their learning across the school curriculum. Our programs are all designed to encourage teamwork, build leadership skills and foster respect for others, self and the environment. Responding to challenges – both emotional and physical – also helps to develop emotional resilience and strengthens personal development as student adventurers learn how to respond to and overcome stressful situations.


All Adventure Plus activities and programs require clear, open and effective communication in order for individuals and teams to succeed. Here, student adventurers see the importance of communication for safety and maximum enjoyment of their outdoor experience – an understanding and skill that translates back into the classroom environment.


Our wide range of Adventure Plus activities and programs celebrate the natural wonders of our Australian landscape. Student adventurers are encouraged to investigate all aspects of the environment – from ecosystems, sandstone structures, cliffs and craggy peaks, rivers, creeks, oceans, flora and fauna.

Map reading and orienteering skills are developed as student adventurers learn to analyse and evaluate data, maps and other geographical details to negotiate and explore the outdoors. As they explore the outdoors, they will develop or further their understanding of sustainability and the positive and negative impact that humankind has on our environment.

Koorie Education

Koorie Education, led by an Indigenous facilitator, can be incorporated into any of our journey-based programs. Here, student adventurers will learn about historical events and the influences that both Aboriginal and European settlers have had on the land. They will also learn about Indigenous sustainable use of the environment, Traditional landowners and Connection to Country.

Sustainability & Environmental Education

All Adventure Plus programs have a sustainable focus and our passionate Instructors ignite a love of the outdoors with every one of our adventurers. We teach the safe and sustainable ways to enjoy the outdoors and how to make the most of being ‘grounded’ in the environment. This not only develops a connection with the environment and an understanding of the importance of sustainability, it also allows student adventurers to appreciate the benefits that ‘being outdoors’ can have in bringing balance to their lives.